How do I Refund and Replace Products?  

We want to make sure you truly love our products and they are meeting your quality standards.  If you desire a refund for damaged or unwanted products, we must be contacted within 72 hours of delivery. Products that are damaged need to be accompanied with documentation showing the damaged item or items. 


How much should I take?  

There's no "right" answer to this question.  We recommend you start with a smaller dose and you can always increase from there.  You can increase your dosage in 5mg increments until you find the perfect amount for YOU.  A good rule of thumb is take 1mg for every 10lbs you weigh.  For example, a 150lb person would likely take around 15mg per serving (morning and night).  But remember, do what works for you.  


Do you charge shipping?

We have a flat rate of $5 for USPS 1st class shipping and $10 for USPS priority no matter how big your order is!


Where do your products come from?

We work with over 20 different high quality, lab tested brands that manufacture their product in the United States and Europe.  We stand behind every product we offer at King CBD and are confident you will love them too!


What makes your CBD different from other products?

At King CBD we focus on making the CBD purchasing process seamless and quick.  We source our CBD products from only some of the most trusted brands in the industry and have the third party lab results to prove it! (See our Lab Results page).  The farms this hemp is grown on is in regulation with the given states' agriculture departments and grown in accordance with the US 2018 Farm Bill.  Our suppliers manufacture in small batches with detailed quality control to ensure the delivered products is nothing but spectacular. 


How Does CBD work?

We all have an endocannabinoid system, which consists of receptors in our brain, spinal cord and nervous systems, among other areas in the body. There are two receptors that make up this system, called CB1 and CB2. CBD and other cannabinoids work by interacting with these receptors.  Check out our "What is CBD?" page for more detailed information.


Are your products lab-tested and can you share that information?

Definitely!  Everything you find at King CBD is lab-tested from an independent 3rd party organization.  We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality and safest CBD products.  This is of paramount importance not only to us at King CBD, but for the industry as a whole.  Everything is lab tested by High Performance Liquid Chromatography to verify phytocannabinoid content.  We are more than happy to provide lab test for each and every single product at King CBD... just email us!


How Do I contact King CBD?

You can email us anytime at support@kingcbdco.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Check out our Contact Us page!