About King CBD Company

My 11 year old Pit bull mix, King, had battled bladder cancer for over 8 months.  I was devastated when I first found out and wanted to make sure he was absolutely comfortable the rest of the time he was with us.  I've known about CBD for years because some of my closest friends and family use it regularly.  I also knew there were CBD pet supplements out there so I started doing my research on what would be best for King.  As I continued to learn about Hemp based CBD, I was amazed to see all of the options available to us and the positive impact it has had on so many people and their pets.

I started off with both tincture drops and softgels for King.  I gave it to him in the morning and night, but eventually it become a consistent part of his routine throughout the day.  I knew it was "working" because I would see him relaxed and comfortable when I knew deep down he was in some serious pain.  Some days were better than others for him, but I can say for certain that he wouldn't have had the last few months he did without this amazing compound - we are both so grateful.  Not too soon after it became a part of King's routine, I started taking CBD daily.  At first, I would take 1-2 softgels in the morning and I usually keep a vape cartridge on me that I can use throughout the day.  Now I mix in all sorts of edibles, drops, and creams depending on what result I am looking for.  King and I would take our softgels together, but he wasn't the best at pills so I usually hid them in some ice cream and add some drops on top.  It worked like a charm and will go down as one of the best tricks I ever pulled on him.  The definition of a win-win scenario.

This company came to life because I became very passionate about CBD and saw an opportunity to share its benefits with my family, friends, and anyone else who wanted to try it out.  I've sourced over 50 amazing products from 20+ of the highest quality, lab tested brands that I STAND BEHIND AND TRUST.  This means we have something for everyone whether you are an experienced user or this is your first time trying CBD. 

I'm really excited for this adventure and am here to help guide you through your journey so please.... reach out to me directly.  Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy everything CBD has to offer!