When and Why to Use CBD Topicals

When and Why to Use CBD Topicals


The CBD molecule itself is amazingly effective. Many people experience the results they’re looking for — and more! —  from just a few drops of CBD oil per day. Even a small amount of the compound is able to rebalance the human endocannabinoid system and greatly improve health.

But what about when CBD isn’t effective? What about when two weeks on a starter-strength CBD oil doesn’t seem to be doing much? Though rare, this does happen. Some ailments can be especially stubborn.

In cases like these, it’s usually a good idea to complement oral CBD intake with something else. Pain and inflammation can be attacked from more than one angle by the introduction of a CBD topical.

In case you’re not familiar, CBD topicals are creams infused with some form of CBD, either isolate or a fuller spectrum extract, that are meant to be applied to the skin.  They come in many different-but-similar forms, including balms, salves, skin creams, lotions, and more.

While not as effective from a bioavailability standpoint as CBD oil, topicals might just work for you when nothing else will. That’s because it ‘hits’ endocannabinoid receptors differently than other ingestion methods do. Topicals are able to kick in quickly, provide fast relief, and even increase the energy-absorption capacity of skin surfaces.

And while most CBD topicals don’t actually make it into the bloodstream, they’re still great for acute pain. People with chronic issues like arthritis or MS may thrive on a regimen of consistent CBD oil intake + strategic CBD topical application. Given many autoimmune issues like this are cyclical, unpredictable, or even weather dependent, using a topical only as needed actually makes a lot of sense.

In short, use a CBD topical when nothing else works. We’d encourage you to try taking CBD oil consistently almost regardless of your health condition. Give it a few weeks, and from there, try adding in alternative methods. The beauty of CBD is that finding the best dose is more an art than a science. It’s all about what works best for you.

Stubborn pain isn’t the only circumstance when you should consider CBD topicals, though. They’re also an excellent addition to any athlete’s workout recovery routine. CBD applied to muscles may reduce DOMS, improve electrolyte uptake, and reduce one’s perception of stress. It’s no surprise that elite athletes from all kinds of sports are flocking to CBD for this very reason.

Another cool benefit: we briefly mentioned the effect of topicals on the skin’s energy-absorption, but did you know that CBD may actually allow one to glean more energy from the sun? We don’t mean to sound vague — only to describe advanced thermodynamic concepts in simple terms.

Here’s how it works: light from the sun contains a wide spectrum of wavelengths, each which stores different types of information. This info is transferred into everything it hits (including us!) in a process called negentropy.

Cellular signallers like the endocannabinoid and nitric oxide systems gently facilitate this transfer of information, helping the body use released energy to create change. In other words, CBD might just help you get more (more vitamin D production, more photoentrainment, more energy) from the sun.

Anyways… CBD topicals are a unique delivery method that comes with many unique benefits. We’d encourage you to try one out today!

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