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At King CBD Company, we’re committed to only carrying brands you can trust. 

Why? Because we know just how powerful CBD can be — and just how much premium CBD can transform lives and instill hope in its users. 

Think of it this way: CBD is powerful enough to transcend normal customer demographics. In fact, we first encountered its value when giving the stuff to our beloved dog, King. After seeing King’s outlook take a turn for the better, King CBD Company “came to life”...and quickly grew more diverse. 

In our founder Matt’s own words: “I became very passionate about CBD and saw an opportunity to share its benefits with my family, friends, and anyone else who wanted to try it out [...] we have something for everyone whether you are an experienced user or this is your first time trying CBD.”

Did you catch that? We have a CBD product for everyone...because virtually everyone can take CBD. The same can’t be said of the aspirin you take for a headache but would never think of giving your toddler. Nor can it be said of the blood sugar medication your parents take religiously — you wouldn’t even want to take that stuff post-Thanksgiving! 

In other words, both supplements and prescription drugs usually work well for one targeted demographic — and one targeted demographic only. 

Not so with CBD. This plant compound can be used by parents, pets, professionals, children...basically, anybody who has an endocannabinoid system (aka, all vertebrate creatures!) can safely take CBD. 

Even the normally-reserved World Health Organization has this to say about the plant compound: “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.”

 Now that we’ve established cannabidiol’s almost universal safety profile, let’s take a look at exactly who’s benefitting from CBD the most. 

Interest in CBD at An All-Time High

Even at first glance, the data makes it clear that Americans are very interested in CBD. A “census-balanced survey” of U.S. adults done by dynata displayed 58% of Americans as “somewhat, very, or extremely familiar with CBD”...a similar survey by High Yield Insights revealed that 40% of Americans are interested in actually trying it. Apparently most people who hear about CBD walk away kinda convinced! “Consumers previously unfamiliar with CBD are rapidly showing interest,” says the co-founder of High Yields

CBD is even more popular among the younger folks; those between the ages of 25 and 44 are most aware, with 70% or more of survey-ees reporting some familiarity. 

The Stats from CBD Users

Interest is great, you might be thinking, but what about those who are actually using CBD? 

Good question — let’s go back to the dynata data to answer it: 

  • 48% used CBD oils
  • 37% used vape pens* 
  • 36% used edibles
  • 29% used capsules/pills

As you can see, CBD users don’t discriminate — the ways users take the plant compound are actually pretty diverse. All four of these product categories are popular, and for good reason...they all work! *It’s also worth noting that adults aged 18-24, unlike other groups, preferred vape pens over every other delivery method. 

What do users take their CBD for? While it’s likely that many people take it in a genre-blending quest to just feel better, the data also gives us some helpful clues: 

  • 56% used CBD for pain relief
  • 47% used CBD for anxiety*
  • 34% used CBD for sleep
  • 30% used CBD for epilepsy

Another survey, which was actually published as a scientific study, found something similar. Its “top three medical conditions were pain, anxiety, and depression.” Here’s a helpful graph courtesy of study authors: 

* Just like in the last segment of stats, the 18-24 (and 25-34) groups stand out. They used CBD to ward off anxiety more than they used it for any other reason. 

Facts + Feelings 

Here’s one of the most interesting takeaways from these statistics: almost regardless of a user’s age, or health, condition, CBD seemed to work — usually very well. Here’s one more quote from the most recent study: “almost 36% (35.80%) of respondents reported that CBD treats their medical condition(s) ‘very well by itself’”...and one more visual depiction: 

In light of all this favorable data, what’s the CBD user to do?

Our answer might be surprising: continue following your intuition. As you can see, people are taking CBD for seemingly everything under the sun...and the vast majority of them are reporting good results. 

What’s more, the prototypical CBD user likely didn’t take CBD at their Doctor’s direction or via prescription; no, the average CBD user probably stumbled upon CBD by way of good ol’ fashioned word of mouth. They then followed their intuition (and whatever helpful info they could glean from educational sites like this one!) to find the product type(s) and dosing template(s) that worked for them. 

CBD’s like that sometimes. As we’ve said, it’s safe and effective...but it’s also forgiving. One doesn’t need to worry about taking too little (because microdosing is good, too!), nor do they have to worry about taking too much (overdosing is virtually impossible). 

Maybe another survey’s title section said it best: “...Americans are turning to CBD as a cure-all for the modern condition.” 

The good news? It’s a tool both expert and layman alike can use. 

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