CBD for Weight Loss: 3 Reasons it Could Work

cbd for weight loss

CBD’s list of health benefits just keeps growing. 

In fact, this list has become so diverse that things inevitably get overlooked. 

New CBD users, for example, are likely to notice any improvements in sleep or pain levels that they experience. But lingering beneath the threshold of perception could be one of the biggest benefits of them all: weightloss

CBD doesn’t really seem to ‘boost metabolism’ or ‘kill fat cells’ or anything else so easily marketable. Instead its impact is subtle. Just imagine: CBD use leads to A, A might lead to B… and B corresponds to weight loss.

That’s a win in our book — and something deserving of a little more attention. Let’s take a closer look at 3 ways CBD could be the perfect solution for promoting weight loss, improving body composition, and more. 

Reason #1 : Lower Inflammation = Lower Bodyfat

CBD is a powerful reducer of inflammation. That much is well established. Reductions in inflammation often lead to less pain, better joint health, etc...but we won’t get into that here. 

Alternatively let’s focus on how inflammation leads to weight gain on a biochemical level. For one, chronic inflammation (and associated elevation of the TNF-alpha cytokine) can cause insulin resistance, which eventually leads to blood sugar imbalances, diabetes, and weight gain. If inflammation makes it into the brain then resistance to leptin (a critical hunger hormone) can also occur. Inflammation even causes the body to hold onto extra water weight.

Making matters worse,  being overweight itself is inherently inflammatory. It’s a vicious cycle, one that’s surprisingly easy to fall into! As Dr. Mark Hyman says, “being fat is being inflamed — period!”

If that’s you, consider that this cycle is exactly what CBD could help you get out of. The compound’s ability to reduce inflammation might just be your weightloss journey's best friend. 

Reason #2: Lower Cortisol = Better Body Composition

Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone. It’s responsible for the ‘fight-or-flight’ phenomena that many people are stuck in. Chronically high cortisol comes with all sorts of negatives.

One of the biggest? Cortisol affects hormonal levels through something called pregnenolone steal syndrome.

Did you know that steroid hormones (i.e, testosterone and estrogen) use a derivative of cholesterol as their precursor? It’s true... and something which is of utmost importance for anyone who wishes to lose weight. 

That’s because weight problems and stress go hand in hand. Many people who are overweight have chronically high cortisol that is literally ‘stealing’ resources away from testosterone production. Lower muscle mass, less strength, and sluggishness can result.

Pregnenolone steal may not directly make one overweight, but it will likely make them so tired that gaining weight gets easier. CBD intake, on the other hand, has been proven to lower cortisol in a variety of stressful situations. That’s a win-win for your hormonal health. 

Reason #3: CBD = Metabolic Health

There are only three or four ways humans can produce energy. They can burn fat, carbs, protein, or perhaps even ketones. 

Most people on the SAD (standard American diet) are burning carbohydrates for fuel — all the time. This produces free radicals like the superoxides, which in turn generate a cascading inflammatory response, which may then lead to weight gain...etc. 

There’s a better pathway to take — literally. The beta-oxidation (i.e, fat burning) pathway allows one to burn fat for fuel, which generates fewer waste products than virtually any other metabolic method. 

This is where CBD’s value presents itself. CBD directly promotes fat burning via stimulating the PPP (another fat-burning pathway). This, in turn, promotes what one study calls mitochondrial bioenergetics

You may remember mitochondria as the powerhouses of the cell; in this case, CBD could help mitochondrion combust fat molecules to produce clean energy. Maybe it’s not so surprising that endocannabinoid receptors have been found in the mitochondria.

One more benefit, this one more practical: enhanced fat metabolism may stabilize blood sugar and reduce related hunger cues. Are we saying that CBD may help you stick to that sugar-free diet? Well...there’s only one way to find out.


CBD, Energy Homeostasis, and Finding Your Optimal 

If it seems like some of these concepts are interrelated, that’s because they are! After all, everything in the body is connected...to everything else. On the most basic level, CBD promotes one’s energy homeostasis — a homeostasis at just the right bodyweight. 

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