Can CBD Help Deter Opioid Abuse?

CBD and opioid abuse


Our Country is in the middle of an unprecedented opioid epidemic.

At the same time, CBD is growing more popular, and as it does, positive reports keep pouring in. Is it possible that this small plant compound could have big health benefits for those impacted by the opioid epidemic?

The answer is yes! CBD’s anti-addictive qualities make it ideal for anyone who’s trying to break free from their dependence on opioids.

Keep in mind, though, that the process required to get free from opioids isn’t easy - whether aided by CBD or not. This kind of situation requires careful dosing strategies and devotion to a plan:

A CBD Dosing Plan

Week One: Begin CBD oil dosing at ~20 mg’s CBD per day. No changes to one’s opioid dosing.

Week Two: Raise dose gradually to 1mg CBD/kg per day. That means a 150 pound individual would take about 70 milligrams of CBD daily. Opioid dosing may become less frequent - if pain levels have reduced.

Week Three: Usually a dosing ‘sweet spot’ between 1-5mg/kg per day has been found. Opioid dosing can be reduced again.

Week Four: Continue taking CBD consistently, using in conjunction with a CBD topical for acute pain. Opioid dosing can continue to be reduced by ~10% each week.

*The above isn’t medical advice, just general guidelines that have worked for many patients and customers so far.

cbd opioid abuse

CBD: A Reward-System Regulator

One very cool thing about CBD: it both reduces pain (via TRPV1) and quiets down inflammation, which usually causes pain in the first place. It’s not just a band aid solution.

CBD does something else pretty special, too. Its effects on the Endocannabinoid System may rebalance damaged reward pathways.

Whenever somebody develops an addiction - whether to sugar, alcohol, or opioids - that action is ‘hardwired’ into the brain and then rewarded by a dopamine boost.

Cannabidiol has been shown in initial studies to help the body break this vicious cycle. And that means CBD helps eliminate the psychological effects of opioid addiction just as well as it helps reduce the physical causes. Pretty amazing!


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