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5 Amazing Statistics Behind CBD

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Only 4 % of users don’t experience the results they’re hoping for

That’s according to a recent study in the Journal of Cannabis & Cannabinoid Research. Do the math - that means 96 % of CBD’s first time users are happy with their experience, most of them very much so.

Why were they so pleased? Most CBD users noted reductions in pain, improvements in energy, and even improved focus and mood. Another impressive benefit? Less anxiety.

CBD may reduce opioid abuse by 25%

Opioids present the health challenges they do for a reason: they’re extremely addicting. And once someone is addicted, they become very hard to treat. Conventional protocols show a pretty poor success rate; CBD outdoes this on a widespread scale.

How? By boosting the brain’s neuroplasticity -  its ability to change and adapt to a new environment. In essence, this means CBD helps the addicted brain ‘forget’ its former imbalances, move on, and form newer + healthier patterns.

Short term studies on CBD show that 50% of sufferers get significant relief

Prior to unveiling Epidiolex late last year, GW Pharmaceuticals carried out extensive testing to determine the impact of CBD on various forms of epilepsy. The results were significant… clinically significant. Based on initial studies, a whopping 50% of epileptic patients show significant seizure reduction after just a few weeks of CBD dosing.

To fully appreciate the weight of this statistic, consider that most pharmaceuticals are held to far lower efficacy standards before they can enter the market. Also, keep in mind these were short term studies. Just imagine what a long term study might have shown!


90% + of CBD’s growth comes from organic, word of mouth advertising.

While fully legal - more legal than ever thanks to 2018’s Federal Farm Bill - CBD’s existence within older federal laws is more of a gray area. That means that advertising isn’t always easy. For the most part, CBD is not on TV. It’s proceeds aren’t always welcomed at banks. CBD companies can’t even pay for Facebook marketing.

And yet the CBD industry has experienced faster growth in the last five years than virtually all other health industries combined. How? Through word of mouth.

Why? Because results speak for themselves.

The Rolling Stone echoes these trends, remarking that “this industry has grown out of nowhere, based on word of mouth marketing.” This incredible growth leads us to our next point...

The CBD industry is expected to grow to 22 billion dollars by 2022.

If you think CBD is popular now, just wait until 2022! The industry is projected to be forty times bigger then than it was just last year.

Already the market has exploded with new brands, new companies, new energy - and most importantly, new testimonies from new customers. CBD is fast becoming a favorite supplement in many a personal wellness plan.

In the future, expect this small plant molecule to keep making a big impact on the world, one changed life at a time.

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