4 Impressive Things You Didn't Know about CBD

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CBD isn’t just good for us. It’s also good for the plant that produces it!

That plant would be hemp - and it produces CBD and other cannabinoids for its own benefits, too. CBD helps protect the plant from harmful UV damage. This is especially interesting because CBD may help our bodies process sunlight energy, too. These dual effects present a pretty amazing example of plant-human symbiosis!  CBD and the building blocks it come from, like CBGa, are also potent natural pesticides.

CBD doesn’t just impact the endocannabinoid system

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) gets a lot of press these days; rightfully so, because it’s this system that’s responsible for most of CBD’s health benefits.

However, CBD is much farther-reaching than that. In addition to positively modulating the ECS, CBD also benefits TRPV-1 (which controls the perception of pain, heat, and inflammation) and serotonin receptors, which are responsible for mood and sleep. This diversity is part of why CBD works so well for so many different diseases.

CBD was discovered a long time ago

All the way back in 1940, to be exact. It took many more decades for the molecule to be well understood, and several more after that before scientists knew why CBD has the qualities it does. These research delays can be blamed on misinformation and harsh regulations; only recently has mainstream awareness for the plant overcome past cultural stigmas.

What it means for the industry at large is this: we still have a lot to learn. Every day leading researchers are discovering new benefits and posting new theories. Hemp’s historical use has come full circle.  It’s an exciting time to be taking CBD!

CBD is great for pets

CBD’s health qualities carry over into virtually the entire animal kingdom. That means your pets stand to benefit from CBD use in many of the same ways you do.

You might not know this, but your furry friends have an endocannabinoid system that’s very similar to yours. And, like us humans, domesticated pets find themselves in a modern environment that’s inherently stressful compared to a more natural evolutionary precedent.

Pets with everything from separation anxiety to arthritis are experiencing relief through consistent CBD use. And even perfectly healthy pets get calmer and easier to be around when CBD comes into the picture.

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